Apricus is a private business which I, Jenny Stenberg, run in parallel with my position as Associate Professor at Chalmers Architecture where I am researcher in urban design and planning. My research, which is action-oriented, deals with social aspects of the vision of sustainable development and, particularly, citizen participation in planning of the physical urban environment. Collaboration with other professionals is a natural part of my research and this network is an asset even in consulting assignments related to citizens participation in planning.

I have a special interest in the buildings of the »million programme« (housing areas built in the 1960s and 70s), as it faces extensive repairs and conversion in terms of energy, and also in the population in the million programme whose energy and knowledge should be an asset to the whole of the urban development – in the suburbs as well as in the renovation of the harbour area in the centre of the city.

This interest has led to my research being transdisciplinary, which means that I consider all the actors in society – researchers, municipal employees and inhabitants/citizens – as knowledge producers, knowledge carriers and knowledge users. Academics thus do not have the sole right to the role of knowledge producers in research. This also involves seeing the implementation as an integrated part of the research process, not something that is handed to so-called practitioners to deal with after the researchers have put forward their results.